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Leverage your strengths with a plan that moves you forward to the impactful life you desire
and gain a new sense of control, intention and personal power through coaching and encouragement
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For years you’ve been judged on your performance and you’ve earned your respect. Your uniform was designed to create a level playing field but it also hid a vital part of who you are. You are a strong, capable woman and now you’re being judged on what others see and the impression they perceive. You can develop the skills and cultivate the know-how to stand out among the masses as you transition from military to civilian life.
I can help you.

~Mischelle O’Neal, USAF ret~

Use your Strengths and Experiences, You Earned Them!

Experience success in your career, in your relationships and in your life!

Learn To Cultivate The Woman Beyond The Uniform

Learn to leverage your strengths so you can represent yourself at your best and you move to the next phase of your life, allowing you to be both confident and genuine.

Gain New Insight and Experience the Power

Gain insight and the skills into how to identify your strengths, tap into your personal truth, and take back your power as you learn to be okay in your own skin.

Ask Your Power Question!

Create a wardrobe resource where your #1 question is “how do I want to feel today?”

Learn the Process to Freedom

Learn a step-by-step process that promises to teach you how to (a) make smart buying decisions in order to create a wardrobe specific for your lifestyle, (b) put your closet in order to eliminate the anxiety of what to wear and, (c) dress with absolute confidence every day.

Expand Your Engagement and Create Impact

Expand your capabilities in your career, relationships and life as you become an full-out active participant. and grow Beyond The Uniform (BTU)

Build Something Beautiful While Making a Difference

  • Shift your internal focus and help others as you continue to make a difference
  • Become a part of a growing community of your peers to walk with you along the way.